DropShot Announces Partnership with FLC

Originally Published Tuesday, November 1, 2022 

DropShot Capital Management, Hoboken based algorithmic private investment company, is pleased to announce a partnership with FLC Marketing Group. This partnership will fundamentally impact each business, most importantly advancing the reach and success of DropShot Capital. 

FLC Marketing Group was founded in 2020 by Nick Fopiano, an experienced veteran of the marketing and advertising industry. FLC boasts a new method of marketing. The group focuses on building meaningful customer and client relationships through an emphasis on brand design and psychological positioning. FLC is unrivaled in their advertising, branding, and public relations skills, and they are positive these will unlock DropShot Capital’s potential. Thus far, FLC Marketing Group’s scope of work with DropShot Capital has included social media creation and branding, and website rebuilding. 

This partnership sets a precedent in the finance industry to pair leading fund performance with a strong brand presence. The primary goal of which is to position DropShot Capital as the clear choice as an investment firm characterized by not only consistently strong returns, but with a sophisticated corporate identity.

DropShot Capital Management is excited to see where this mutually beneficial partnership takes our young and promising business. Our hope is to grow our company through FLC’s proposed initiatives. We will continue to specialize in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and our goals remain the same – innovating a scientific investment process without human bias, and satisfying our valued investors.
For more information on this partnership, please contact Jenna Matthews at jennam@flcmarketing.com / (937) 760-6041.



About DropShot

DropShot is a hedge fund that uses machine learning to trade highly liquid ETFs in the US stock market. We bring safety, transparency, and intelligence to investment management, using a fully systematic approach.

We offer cutting-edge technology to investors who demand exceptional performance. Our vision is to realize a profit-making machine that takes the guesswork out of investments.

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