DropShot Capital Management, Hoboken based algorithmic trading firm, is pleased to announce our rising rank as a hedge fund in the Barclay’s database.

Barclays Managed Funds Report (BMFR) Awards represent the top performing hedge funds across 21 categories. For the past three years trailing performance, DropShot Capital ranked #7 in the hedge fund rankings of the Barclays Balanced Index (Stocks and Bonds), ending in Q1 2022.

DropShot Capital is excited to report our #6 ranking for Q2 2022 and #5 for Q3 2022. With roughly 130 funds reporting in the Balanced category, our leading performance is fantastic news for our rapidly growing company. DropShot Capital looks forward to improving our operations and solidifying our name in the hedge fund industry.

DropShot Capital Management is setting a new precedent in finance, pairing leading hedge fund performance with a strong brand presence. With our rising rankings and newly formed partnership with FLC Marketing Group, DropShot is paving an industry leading path, with strong returns and a strong corporate identity.

DropShot Capital Management specializes in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our goals are to maintain a scientific investment method free of emotional bias, and to satisfy our valued investors in the process.

For more information on DropShot Capital, please contact us at investors@dropshotcapital.com / (631) 682-6118.

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