– HOBOKEN, NJ March 7, 2023 –

DropShot Capital Management, a Hoboken-based algorithmic hedge fund, is pleased to announce our continued formidable ranking in the BarclayHedge Balanced Index. Barclay Managed Funds Report (BMFR) Awards represent the top performing hedge funds across 21 categories. 

DropShot Capital ranked #6 in the hedge fund rankings of the Balanced Index (Stocks and Bonds), for the past three years trailing, ending Q4 2022. With approximately 130 funds reporting in the “balanced” category, this leading performance is great news for our rapidly growing company. 

“DropShot was an unproven concept when we opened our doors in 2018. In five short years, we have built a team around our conservative investment strategy, and our continued recognition from the BMFR is a validation of our strong approach.” 

-Chris Kramvis, Chief Investment Officer

DropShot Capital Management specializes in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our goals are to maintain a scientific investment process free of human bias, and to satisfy our valued investors.

For more information or further comment, please contact Jenna Matthews at investors@dropshotcapital.com or visit dropshotcap.com/newsroom. 

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