DropShot Capital is a community of innovators, tinkerers, solvers and savvy thinkers who are using innovation to improve the world for most. We are working to create a positive influence, and our team is constantly growing.

Open Roles

The DropShot Capital team is a diverse fabric made up of vastly unique experiences and backgrounds. We all share a sense of curiosity, humility and drive to be a positive force towards our trading.

DropShot Teams

DropShot Capital is made up of teams in the engineering, research and client-facing areas. Experience a collaborative work environment that values the individual and rewards good ideas + innovation.

Because DropShot is a quantitative trading firm, the research we conduct feeds directly into our strategies. As such, we are always looking for the brightest quantitative minds to augment our trading machine.

We strive to apply the same diligence to process engineering as trading. We are seeking bright innovators in operations engineering.

We believe that in the service industry, people come first. We are looking for Client Relations specialists who not only grasp complex ideas, but are able to relate them to non-experts. Anyone can be a rocket scientist, but not everyone can explain rocket science to a non-expert.

DropShot has multiple ways to view your portfolio performance. From advanced analytics to the simple questions, such as “How is my money doing?”, we aim to provide peace of mind and a sense of security for your investment.

DropShot Capital Benefits

Flexible Work Schedule

DropShot Capital is accommodating to everyone’s situation. From hybrid work days and extended PTO, we pride ourselves on being one of the best work places in the finance industry.

Top Benefit Packages

We care about our employees. Our competitive benefit packages are robust and wide-ranging. Our employees have the opportunity to receive health and disability benefits with DropShot.

Start-Up Environment

DropShot Capital is proud to have maintained a start-up culture within our company. We are nimble and quick to innovation while prioritizing technological advancement and personality.

People First

We use predictive analytics in our portfolio, but we are still a people first company. To the people we help and internal collaboration, DropShot Capital is the hedge fund with personality.

Open Roles

The DropShot Capital team is a special brain trust that prides itself on self-respect, mutual trust, and a deep drive to collaborate and achieve together.

Junior Salesperson


Network Engineer


Operations Intern


Our Team.

Co-founder, ceo

Chris Kramvis

With over 15 years of experience developing platforms for financial machine learning, Chris has built strategies from the ground up. He is skilled at all stages of algorithm development including research, validation and deployment.
Co-founder, cio

Dr. Uppili Krishnamachari

Uppili has a breadth of machine learning experience in trading, accounting, laser engineering and advertising. He received his Doctorate in Electrical Engineering from UC-Santa Barbara.

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