We are the Algo Traders


DropShot is a hedge fund that uses machine learning to trade highly liquid ETFs in the US stock market. We bring safety, transparency, and intelligence to investment management, using a fully systematic approach.

We offer cutting-edge technology to investors who demand exceptional performance. Our vision is to realize a profit-making machine that takes the guesswork out of investments.

We Are Trailblazers.


We use machine learning to guide our investment strategy in highly liquid ETF’s. We have created the worlds most intelligent portfolio management system.


Our fees are the best you’re going to find for the level of commitment and service we offer. We have monthly redemption and will never lock up your funds.


DropShot Capital’s propriety AI and modeling technology has outperformed index benchmarks, especially in the past three years trailing. 

Family Offices • Foundations • Pensions • Endowments • Fund of Funds • Public Institutions • RIA's

Using AI to Power Trading

Our Beliefs

Our core tenets are our guiding light. We use AI to guide our investment strategy, we consistently provide straightforward reporting, we do not lock funds, we are a partnership-oriented company, we believe in the good of our community, and we will never lose the human component in DropShot Capital.

Our goal is to remove the human bias from the investment process through automation. We want to build the world’s largest systematic, dynamic portfolio balancing strategy and achieve highly favorable risk adjusted returns for our clients.

- Chris K. Co-Founder

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