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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use ai in your portfolio

We are constantly using AI research to drive our automated trading, using machine learning forecasts to determine our portfolio allocations

What is your investment strategy overview?

We are a long-only, leverage-free hedge fund, trading highly liquid ETFs using machine learning. We are fully committed to transparency in the investment process, we offer extensive diversification of asset classes via active tactical rotation of ETFs, offer very competitive fees ( 1%/10% ) , do not lock up funds, and we use cutting edge modeling to vastly outperform index benchmarks, particularly in the past 3 years trailing.

How should I prepare for a potential recession?

DropShot’s Risk Management modules mitigate drawdowns by taking cash positions during turbulent times, and rotating between various asset classes to capture upside while mitigating downside.

What is the asset to which you benchmark

We embrace two main benchmarks, the ACWI  ( All Country World Index )  ETF, and the Barclays Balanced Index, a hedge fund index of stocks and bonds.

How do you track portfolio preformance

DropShot offers web and mobile dashboards that track your portfolio performance with minutely updates.

Who makes up dropshot capital?

Mr. Christopher Kramvis is the Chief Investment Officer of the Fund. He has over 15 years of experience developing machine learning platforms. Prior to the Fund, Mr. Kramvis worked for various algorithmic trading firms including Jump Trading and Tower Research as a portfolio manager building fully automated black box strategies for futures and equities. Having built strategies from the ground up, he is thoroughly familiar with all stages of algorithm development including research, validation and deployment. Chris earned a BS in Computer Science, BA in Mathematics and BA in Economics from the University of Chicago.

Dr. Uppili Krishnamachari is the Chief Information Officer of the Fund. Integrating his background in engineering, Dr. Krishnamachari is passionate about developing novel approaches to financial investment and furthering the Fund’s scientific processes and techniques. Dr. Krishnamachari has worked for several startups solving problems in trading, accounting, laser engineering and social media advertising technology. Uppili received his BS from the University of Illinois – Champaign Urbana in Electrical Engineering and his doctorate from the University of California – Santa Barbara in Electrical Engineering.

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